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Recent Examples of PPD Awards

In Maryland, an injured worker may pursue permanent partial disability (“PPD”) benefits after reaching maximum medical improvement (“MMI”).  A person is considered to be at MMI when they finish their medical treatment related to the work injury.  PPD benefits are awarded in order to compensate an injured worker for the permanent impairment caused by the […]Continue Reading

Baltimore Comp Lawyer Gets Results!

I thoroughly enjoy my job.  Fighting for actual people.  Going to bat for them against massive corporations like Travelers, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, and Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company.  I could not imagine being on the other side. A lot goes in to zealously advocating for an injured worker.  The first priority is always getting them […]Continue Reading

Recent Examples of Workers’ Compensation Awards & Settlements

Below are a few examples of some of the awards and settlements that I have obtained for my clients thus far in 2017.  If you have a workers’ compensation case that you would like to discuss with the Baltimore Comp Lawyer, please give me a call for a FREE consultation. Body Part: neck; right shoulder […]Continue Reading

How Much are Leg Injuries Worth?

Leg injuries come in a variety of forms, especially in workers’ compensation.  This is because what constitutes a “leg” under the law is quite broad.  Everything from the hip to just above the ankle is considered part of the leg.  Therefore, knee and hip injuries are considered part of the leg, but ankle injuries are […]Continue Reading

Workers’ Compensation Liens

What is a lien? A lien is a legally binding right to reimbursement.  In workers’ compensation, the insurer for the employer will have a right to reimbursement (or lien) against any recovery made in a corresponding third party claim.  A third party claim is a separate lawsuit against a party other than the employer whose […]Continue Reading

Recent Examples of Workers’ Compensation Awards

Below are a few examples of recent workers’ compensation awards obtained on behalf of my clients.  Please contact me for a free consultation regarding your comp case! Body Part: shoulder Injury: adhesive capsulitis Amount: $30,000 Claimant was a nurse who sustained injury while rolling a patient on a hospital bed.  She did not miss any […]Continue Reading

Maryland’s Highest Court allows Lawyers to Advertise as ‘Specialists’

The Court of Appeals of Maryland announced last week that lawyers will soon be able to advertise as “specialists.” The new rule will go into effect on April 1. Previously, there was a prohibition against Maryland attorneys calling themselves specialists or stating that they specialized in a certain area of law. I for one welcome […]Continue Reading

Value of Foot Injuries

How much is a Foot injury worth? The value of a workers’ compensation claim involving a foot injury will depend on the severity of the specific injury and the amount of treatment that it requires. For example, depending on the type of break, some fractures require only that the foot be immobilized in a walking […]Continue Reading