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Information Difficult to Find Elsewhere

We are aiming to be a top information resource for injured workers in and around Baltimore.

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Our firm handles numerous workers’ compensation cases at a time.  We have multiple lawyers, paralegals, and assistants dedicated to helping injured workers.

We have been in business for more than 20 years.  We have represented the Maryland Troopers Association for more than 15 years.

Workers’ Compensation Adjusters

In addition to an informational resource relating to Maryland workers’ compensation, BaltimoreCompLawyer.com provides information about workers’ compensation adjusters based on real life experiences.

Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Many doctors in the workers’ compensation system have the goal of reducing the costs of the system for employers and insurers.  This is true of both treating doctors and “independent medical exams” by doctors who review patients and/or records to determine if they feel the treatment is legitimate.