Maryland’s Highest Court allows Lawyers to Advertise as ‘Specialists’

The Court of Appeals of Maryland announced last week that lawyers will soon be able to advertise as “specialists.” The new rule will go into effect on April 1. Previously, there was a prohibition against Maryland attorneys calling themselves specialists or stating that they specialized in a certain area of law.

I for one welcome the new rule change. My firm is recognized as one of the premier workers’ compensation law firms in the state, so I found it silly that I was not allowed to say that my practice specializes in representing injured workers. I handle upwards of 150 files at any given time, 85% of which are workers’ compensation cases.

I have long considered myself a work comp specialist, and I think that information is critical for prospective clients to have when they are considering legal representation. If you have been injured on the job, you should really give me a call. There is no charge for the consultation, and I will provide you with valuable information that the insurance company doesn’t want you to have. You have nothing to lose by consulting a lawyer, particularly one who is a workers’ compensation specialist.