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May 2016 Comp Cases

Workers’ compensation cases generally come to a conclusion in one of two ways. The first is when an injured worker finishes his or her medical treatment after a doctor determines that maximum medical improvement (“MMI”) has been reached. Once at MMI, an injured worker can pursue permanent partial disability compensation (“PPD”). The second way a […]Continue Reading

How much are knee injuries worth?

Value of Knee Injuries I can relate to injured workers who hurt their knee.  I am no stranger to how debilitating an injured knee can be, and I understand the hard work that is often required during the rehab process.  During my college years, I tore my ACL at lacrosse practice.  During my post-op recovery […]Continue Reading

April 2016 Comp cases

Estimating the value of an individual workers’ compensation case is far from an exact science.  This is because the outcome of any given case is driven by the particular facts of each case.  How severe was the injury?  How much medical treatment did it require?  What are the long term or permanent repercussions of the […]Continue Reading

March 2016 Comp Cases

Below are a few examples of workers’ compensation awards issued last month.  It is important to note that no two cases are the same, and a variety factors go into determining the value of an individual case.  Generally, comp awards are based in large part on the severity of injury and the amount of treatment […]Continue Reading

‘Credit’ due to the Employer/Insurer differs in the context of Reopenings and Appeals

First, let us start with the Court of Appeals of Maryland’s decision in Del Marr v. Montgomery County, 397 Md. 308 (2007).  The issue before the Court was whether, upon a modification pursuant to a reopening for worsening condition, an employer/insurer (hereinafter “employer”) should be credited for the total number of weeks paid, or alternatively, […]Continue Reading

How much is a Shoulder injury worth?

Value of Shoulder Injuries The value of a shoulder case can differ significantly on a case by case basis. The main factors to consider is the severity of injury and the corresponding amount of medical treatment that is required. A frozen shoulder requiring surgery is worth a lot more than a strained shoulder requiring physical […]Continue Reading

Value of Arm and Elbow Workers’ Comp Cases

What’s an Arm? The entire arm, as you understand it, may be different than the view of the Maryland legislature.  For purposes of workers’ compensation benefits, what constitutes an arm is relatively straightforward under Maryland law—an elbow is considered part of the arm, but the wrist and shoulder are not. This is important because workers’ […]Continue Reading

Hurt on an Airplane while Traveling for Work

Earlier this month, the Workers’ Compensation Commission of Maryland found a claim compensable where an employee was injured during turbulence on an airplane.  The injured worker was on a business trip and was flying home to Maryland from New York City. The sole purpose of the employee’s trip was business-related; his employer purchased the plane tickets. […]Continue Reading