March 2016 Comp Cases

Below are a few examples of workers’ compensation awards issued last month.  It is important to note that no two cases are the same, and a variety factors go into determining the value of an individual case.  Generally, comp awards are based in large part on the severity of injury and the amount of treatment required.

  • Body Part: foot
  • Injury: partial tearing of the hallucis longus tendon at the first metatarsal
  • Amount: $5,500
  • Claimant had a mailbox fall onto foot. Claimant did not miss any time from work, was on light duty for less than a month, and was discharged to full duty thereafter.


  • Body Part: knee
  • Injury: contusion
  • Amount: $6,804
  • Claimant was injured when a pallet fell and struck his knee.


  • Body Part: back
  • Injury: strain
  • Amount: $22,500
  • Claimant was injured running up a flight of stairs during a training exercise for his employer, missed approximately 5 months of work, and settled the claim on a full and final basis.