How much are Neck injuries worth?

As is true with all workers’ compensation claims, the value of any given case is determined by the particular facts of the case.  No two cases are the same, and therefore injured workers should be cautious when attempting to value their claim based on what a co-workers got in their case, or even based on other more reliable statistics, as will be provided below.

Value of Neck injuries

On the job injuries to the neck are relatively common in Maryland.  Sometimes, neck injuries arise from a sudden and specific incident, like a car accident or a slip and fall.  Other times, neck injuries develop over a period of time, possibly due to repetitive use or overuse of the body part due to the requirements of a particular job.

The main factors considered when valuing a comp claim is the severity of injury and the amount of medical treatment required.  According to the Comp Pinkbook, the average permanency award for a neck injury was $18,220, while the average settlement was $42,811.  These statistics are based on comp claims between January 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

Generally, injured workers who settle their claims get more money up front, because settling closes a comp case forever.  In contrast, when an injured worker instead pursues a PPD award after finishing treatment, he or she retains the right to reopen the case due to a worsening of condition.  So long as the last compensation payment was made within 5 years of the reopening, an injured worker can pursue additional compensation due to a worsening.  Even after the 5 year window, however, the injured worker reserves the right to always reopen their case for additional medical treatment.

Average Awards for Claims Involving Neck Injuries According to the Pinkbook

  • Neck only $19,583
  • Neck & Head $15,810
  • Neck & Shoulder $29,323
  • Neck & Shoulder & Arms $29,778
  • Neck & Low Back $17,574
  • Neck & Low Back & Shoulder $23,688
  • Neck & Head & Shoulders $28,699