Examples of Recent Comp Awards

Below are a few examples of workers’ compensation awards that were paid pursuant to a permanency finding by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, or alternatively, pursuant to a full and final settlement.  Please note that these are just examples and that the value of an individual case depends largely on its particular facts.

  • Body Part: back
  • Injury: herniated disc
  • Amount: $25,000
  • Claimant injured her back while working at an IKEA in Baltimore.    The claim was contested due to Claimant’s history of prior back issues.  However, rather than litigating the claim at a hearing, Claimant elected to settle her case on a full and final basis.  As a result of her injuries, she worked a period of light duty.  Her treatment involved a course of physical therapy.


  • Body Part: back
  • Injury: strain
  • Amount: $25,000
  • Claimant stepped in a hole while carrying a large bag of trash and sustained injury to his back.  He underwent an MRI which was normal.  He worked a period of light duty before returning to work full duty.  His treatment involved a course of physical therapy.  This award was also pursuant to a full and final settlement.


  • Body Part: knee
  • Injury: torn meniscus & quad tendon
  • Amount: $18,020
  • Claimant sustained torn knee ligaments when he was hit by a vehicle at work.  The injury required surgery.  Eventually, Claimant had a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission and received a PPD award of $10,020.  He subsequently filed issues to reopen his case due to a worsening of condition.  This request was contested by the Employer/Insurer.  However, instead of taking the matter to another hearing before the Commission, Claimant elected to settle his case for an additional $8,000 in new money.


  • Body Part: ankle
  • Injury: hairline fracture
  • Amount: $4,150
  • Claimant sustained an avulsion fracture on the dorsal aspect of the talus when her high heel went into a crack in a sidewalk.  Her treatment included one cortisone injection and rest.  She received a permanency award of 10% following a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.