Dr. Willie Thompson

Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Maryland

Dr. Willie Thompson is a board certified orthopedic surgeon in Maryland.  As of March 14, 2016, his address is listed with the Maryland Board of Physicians at 10814 Cherry Blossom Court, Adelphi, Maryland 20783.  The BOP lists his licensure issued August 1, 1986.

The insurance company wants to send me for an IME, what is that and should I do it?

IME stands for Independent Medical Evaluation. An IME doctor will review your medical records and examine you in person, and then issue a report.  The report may be for purposes of providing an opinion as to the cause of an injury (i.e. whether it is work related or not), or it may be for purposes of providing a permanency rating.

Generally, the insurer will rely on what their IME doctor says, even if your personal doctor disagrees.  This could potentially result in a termination of workers’ compensation benefits.

Have an IME Scheduled with Dr. Willie Thompson?

If you have an appointment scheduled to be seen for an IME with Willie Thompson, it’s vital that you understand what you’re walking into. If this is an IME set-up by the insurance company, you need to understand that Dr. Thompson was hired by the insurance company to issue an opinion.

At my firm, we often see Dr. Willie Thompson issuing Independent Medical Evaluations on behalf of employers and insurance companies.  In our experience, when Dr. Thompson issues reports for insurance companies, his opinions are not favorable to injured workers.

If the Insurance Company has scheduled you for an IME, call a lawyer NOW!

Make sure you have a lawyer for workers’ compensation and disability cases.  An experienced lawyer will know how to best contest the insurer’s IME report.  Even though I’m the Baltimore Comp Lawyer, I go all over the state seeking justice on behalf of injured workers.

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