Dr. Stuart Gordon

Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Maryland

Stuart Gordon, M.D. is a licensed doctor in the State of Maryland.  Part of Dr. Gordon’s practice involves seeing patients for Independent Medical Evaluations (“IME”) in workers’ compensation cases.  At my firm, we have had experiences with Dr. Gordon conducting exams and providing IME reports for workers’ compensation insurance companies.

What is an IME and Do I have to go?

In comp cases, the insurance company has the right to send you for an IME before authorizing medical treatment or paying disability benefits.  The IME is a one-time appointment with a doctor who will exam you in person and also review your medical records.  He will then issue a report providing a medical opinion on the cause of injury, the extent of disability, the need for medical treatment, etc.

IME scheduled with Dr. Stuart Gordon?

If you have an IME appointment with Dr.  Stuart Gordon that was set up by the insurance company, you need to know what to expect.  First, it is crucial to understand that Dr. Gordon was hired by the insurance company to issue a report in your case.  Second, and more importantly, you must know that the insurance company’s IME does not necessarily have to determine the course and/or outcome of your case.

You have the right to get your own IME.  You have the right to fight back.

Contact the Baltimore Comp Lawyer

If the insurance company has scheduled you for an IME with Dr. Stuart Gordon, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Generally, the insurance company will listen to the opinion of the IME doctor that they hired.  This could result in a determination that the insurance company is not responsible for compensating you for your injuries or covering your medical expenses.

Again, however, you have the right to fight back.  Even if the insurer denies your claim or denies your treatment, you have the right to litigate your claim by bringing the matter before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Furthermore, even if your claim is not denied, you may very well be entitled to greater compensation than the insurance company is initially willing to admit.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will be best equipped to assist you defend yourself against the insurance company and maximize your recovery.  Click here to contact the Baltimore Comp Lawyer.

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