Dr. Stanley Friedler

Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Maryland

Stanley Friedler, M.D. is a licensed doctor in the State of Maryland who sees patients for Independent Medical Evaluations (“IME”) in workers’ compensation cases.  At my firm, we have seen Dr. Friedler provide IME reports on behalf of workers’ compensation insurance companies.

Do you have an IME scheduled by the insurance company?

With regularity, insurance companies schedule IMEs to get medical opinions from doctors in workers’ compensation cases.  The IME doctor will review your medical records and conduct a physical exam, before issuing a report.  The insurance company will most likely go by whatever their IME says.  This could result in a denial of a claim and/or a termination of benefits.

IME scheduled with Dr. Stanley Friedler?

If the insurance company has scheduled you for an IME with Dr. Stanley Friedler, you should know that (1) Dr. Friedler was hired by the insurance company to issue a report in your case; and (2) Dr. Friedler’s opinion does not have to dictate the course and/or outcome of your case.  In other words, you have the right to combat the opinion of the insurer IME by getting your own IME opinion.

Contact a Lawyer now!

You should strongly consider hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you are scheduled for an IME that was set up by the insurance company.   An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will be best equipped to maximize your recovery.

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