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Does Workers’ Compensation cover my Medical Bills?

Yes, an injured worker’s medical bills are covered under the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act.  This includes expenses for medical treatment, surgery, physical therapy, etc.  However, the insurance company will not pay medical bills unless the claim is accepted and the doctor requests authorization from the insurer to proceed with the treatment.  The insurance company has […]Continue Reading

Hurt on the Job, Now What?

Important Timing Requirements for Workers’ Compensation Claims The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act (“the Act”) has a number of requirements that must be met in order for an injured worker to proceed with his or her claim.  The particular requirements that would be applicable in your case depend on whether the claim involves an accidental personal […]Continue Reading

How much is my Comp Claim Worth?

Injured employees are entitled to Maryland workers’ compensation benefits for “temporary” or “permanent” disabilities that are either “partial” or “total” in nature.  The amount that your workers’ compensation claim is worth depends on the severity of your disability and your average weekly wage. How do I calculate my Average Weekly Wage? In addition to the […]Continue Reading

How much are Attorney Fees in Workers’ Comp?

Unlike other areas of law, attorneys’ fees in workers’ compensation cases are set by law.  If an injured worker is awarded temporary total disability (“TTD”) by the Workers’ Compensation Commission after a contested hearing, the attorney gets 10%.  However, if TTD is paid uncontested without the need for a hearing, which is not unusual, the lawyer […]Continue Reading

How do I get Workers’ Comp?

In Maryland, workers’ compensation is due to “covered employees” who suffer an “accidental personal injury” or “occupational disease” within the meaning of Title 9 of the Labor & Employment Article of the Maryland Code—also known as the Workers’ Compensation Act (“the Act”). What is a Covered Employee? The threshold question in any comp case is […]Continue Reading

The Basics of a Disability Award

In Maryland, injured employees are entitled to workers’ compensation disability benefits for “temporary” or “permanent” disabilities that are either “partial” or “total” in nature (4 variations in total). Benefits are tax-free and are generally paid on a weekly  or bi-weekly basis. It is not unusual for an individual to first collect temporary benefits, but then later […]Continue Reading

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is the system established by law to ensure that employees are adequately compensated, regardless of fault, for injuries that arise out of and occur during the course of employment.  Workers’ compensation provides a percentage of an individual’s lost wages, and also covers medical bills, funeral costs, vocational rehabilitation and other similar expenses. In […]Continue Reading