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What is the difference between Reopening and Reconsideration?

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act (“the Act”) provides three methods for challenging an individual award.  Immediately after the Workers’ Compensation Commission (“WCC”) issues its decision, an injured worker may request a rehearing before the Commission or appeal the case to circuit court.  Additionally, injured workers may petition the Commission to reopen a case due to […]Continue Reading

How Maryland Courts Interpret Ambiguities in the Workers’ Compensation Act

 In Light of its Benevolent Purpose and Remedial Nature, the Act Should Be Interpreted in Favor of the Injured Worker in Instances of Ambiguity. The year 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the enactment of Maryland’s original Workers’ Compensation Act.[1]  Today, the Act is codified in Title 9 of the Labor and Employment Article of […]Continue Reading

Workers’ Compensation Appeals – From the Commission to the Circuit Court

In Maryland, any “interested” party can appeal the decision of the Workers’ Compensation Commission (hereinafter “WCC” or “the Commission”) “within 30 days after the date of the mailing of the Commission’s order.” Md. Code Ann., Lab. & Empl. § 9-737 (hereinafter “LE”).   The procedure for WCC appeals is set forth in LE § 9-745 and […]Continue Reading